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Most of us often make the mistake of popping and squeezing a pimple in the hope of somehow getting rid of it. However, doing so will only lead to permanent scarring and skin discoloration, and will require expensive laser treatment to correct them later on. There are also others that rely on home remedies that require scrubbing your face with harsh toothpaste and a pumice stone. This will only do your skin further harm. If you have acne, then it's time you separate acne care myths from the truths. Acne care is very important because this is one way of making sure that you are doing the proper corrective actions and are not bringing more harm to your sensitive and tender skin.

One thing you can do for proper acne care is to wash your face using warm water and a mild soap or cleanser designed especially for people with acne. Remember not to overdo washing your face, since you will only be stripping your face of its natural oils, causing it to overproduce as a means to make up for the lost oils. About once or twice a day would be enough. Also, refrain from scrubbing since it could only cause irritation.

Applying an OTC lotion that contains benzoyl peroxide right after cleansing should also help in decreasing oil and bacteria. Refrain from popping pimples. Although it might seem a good idea to pop your pimples, especially when you have a date coming in 2 hours, keep those fingers away from your face. You could only be pushing infected material deeper into your skin, and could lead to more swelling and inflammation. And, this could also lead to infection and scarring.

Another acne care tip is keep your hands and hair away from your face. Oil and bacteria on your hair could be transferred to your face, especially if you shoulder-length or long hair so it helps to keep it neatly tucked behind your ears or in a ponytail. You should also refrain from touching your face often. This will spread bacteria that will further irritate and inflame your pores. Always remember to wash your hands thoroughly before applying treatment creams, makeup, or anything to your face.

If you have acne not only on your face but on your body, then as much as possible, avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes. Wear clothes made of material that allow your skin to breathe. Also, steer clear from headgear like headbands, caps, and scarves that could trap moisture and collect dirt and oil. Always remember to remove your makeup before going to bed at night. No matter how tired you are, never ever sleep with your makeup on. And, it's best to choose your makeup wisely and read the label for non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic signs, which does not obstruct your pores and cause acne.

Those are some acne care tips you can do to keep your acne problems at bay. Instead of further punishing your face with harsh creams, scrubs, and heavy makeup (to cover up the acne), keep it clean and simple. It also helps to implement a few changes in diet, where you stay away from oily foods.

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