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Shortcut to Self-Realization
- by Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati 

While it is true that there are many paths up the spiritual mountain to Self-Realization, the thing they all have in common is that one must climb , and that the direction to climb is up , not across . There really is a shortcut to Self-Realization, and that is to follow the direct route inward, through the layers , to the center of consciousness . 

There are many paths:  There is a short cut: 

There are many paths up the spiritual mountain to Self-Realization. 

Many of those paths emphasize the view at one or more of the lower levels along the journey to the top. 

Some get lost along the way. 

The shortcut is to climb directly through the levels of the mountain. 

It means systematically dealing with our relationships with the world , and our senses , body , breath , and mind .

Then one comes to the Summit.  

To say that there is a shortcut does not mean that there is one organization, institution, teacher, tradition, or method that is the single way to enlightenment. Rather, it is the way in which one travels the journey, and the commitment to not stop at some pleasant plateau that has a nice view. 

It is the dedication, determination, sankalpa shakti, to systematically walk in a steady, straight line, into and through all of the levels of our being, which are nothing but false identities, covering over, or clouding our true Self, like lampshades over the Light. This is the way of Yoga Meditation.

It doesn't mean the straight line is always straight. There are bumps and jolts, twists and turns, but the conviction is steady and straight. 

This shortcut is the path that is recommended by the sages of the Himalayan tradition , for those who are ready to know themselves at all levels.