Meditation Basics
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Who seeks Self-Realization?

We say " I am a man or woman, I am a daughter, son, father, mother, sister or brother, I am from this or that country, I am the doer of this or that action, I am good or bad, I am happy or sad, I am a seeker, I am spiritual, I am a lover of God." 

We speak of " my home, my family, my friends, my enemies, my job, my stuff, my strengths, my weaknesses, my thoughts, my emotions, my problems, my joy, my karma, my past, my future, my spiritual path, even of my God." 

  • What is this I and my who claims to be and own such things? 
  • Are these things, claims, and identities who I really am? 
  • What are all these things, these objects, this world? 
  • What is the stuff of which they are made?
  • And from where do all these many things arise
  • Who am I, really ? Who am I? 

One who is not able to refrain from asking such nagging questions is a candidate to travel the path of Self-Realization, wherein all of these questions are resolved in the direct experience of the Absolute Reality. 

The path of the Himalayan sages is an ancient-most path of Self-Realization encompassing the oral Yoga Meditation system recorded by Patanjali, Advaita Vedanta, and purely internal Tantra.