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Instant Herbal Remedy for Insect Bites and Stings

In the spring and summer your kids ? and you too- are more likely to be running around outside barefoot or rolling and playing in the grass. Getting an insect bite or sting can put an end to these happy go lucky times. This quick and easy bug bite and sting natural remedy never fails to work and to get the kids back on track for more outdoor adventures.

To squelch a bug bite or sting: Quickly find a broad leaf plantain leaf - these are easily found as they are common weeds in almost all grassy areas. (This is one plant I would choose not to eradicate from my lawn because of its medicinal benefits.) It is low growing, dark green and broad, with "ribs" on the leaf ? please look it up in a plant identification book if you are not sure. Chew up the leaf ? the salvia activates its sting stopping powers.

(If you are afraid to chew it up then bite on it to break the skin and mix it with some of your salvia.) Place the chewed up plantain leaf on the bug bite or sting. Almost immediately the pain will stop. You or your child can hold the plantain mass in place while you go inside and get the rest of the remedy. Find your comfrey tincture (you do have a good herbal first aid kit, right?), a big Band-Aid (my kids always went for a gauze pad and first aid tape - so much more dramatic). Leaving the plantain mass in place, secure it with the Band-Aid or gauze and first aid tape.

Secured the bandage then dribble some comfrey tincture under the dressing and on the sting. The comfrey is soothing and cool and takes away any lingering pain, stinging or discomfort. Leave on until it falls off later that day or the next morning. If it is a particularly bad bite or sting, you may need to put a fresh plantain/comfrey dressing on the next day.

This remedy has never failed and prevents infections from the bite or sting. The best thing is how much it seems to empower the children (and adults too!). If someone around them gets a bug bite or sting the kids are the first ones to find the plantain (so be sure you teach them to be able to accurately identify it) and they show up beaming and full of compassion ? "Don't worry. It's OK --we have the plantain!" Copyright (c) 2008 Mary Ann Copson.

Mary Ann Copson is a Certified Licensed Nutritionist, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Brain Chemistry Profile Clinician. Find more herbal remedies at


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