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Millions of men all over the world have used Generic Viagra for about 9 years without having any severe side effect. Like with other medicines, people who take impotence drugs can experience some disgusting symptoms. If they are guided by their doctors and they follow their instructions, they may have only mild side effects that will disappear after medication withdrawal. On the other hand, impotence drugs may really cause severe adverse events but it may happen when patients have prior diseases or they use some particular medication without talking to their doctors.

Therefore, physicians are the persons to trust when patients need impotence drugs. There have been some Generic Viagra lawsuits filed against pharmaceutical companies that manufacture Generic Viagra. Courts rejected some of them.

Others had a final sentence against companies. On the contrary, many courts ruled in favor of patients. Generic Viagra lawsuits are expected to continue in the future because it is impossible to control the great amount of patients that use the product.

Despite that, pharmaceutical companies should go on working to avoid product misuse.

Generic Viagra and Generic Cialis users should know more about the medication they are taking.
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