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Salvia Divinorum Is A Very Unique Plant

Salvia is unique, and it is best understood on its own terms, and not by analogy with other substances. Salvia is not a new drug native Americans have used it since before the Europeans colonized the land and its use as a hallucinogenic has long been accepted. Salvia is legal in most of the country and it seems to be a fad among teenagers. If salvia is smoked the main effects are experienced quickly. Called nicknames like Sally-D, Magic Mint and Diviners Sage, salvia is a hallucinogen that gives users an out-of-body sense of traveling through time and space or merging with inanimate objects.

Divinorum is not a social or party drug since it creates an out-of-reality state in a person that often blurs the distinction between real life and dreams/fantasies. Divinorum or Salvia, is a hallucinogenic plant native to the northeastern Sierra Mazateca mountain region of Mexico where the native Mazatecs have used it for centuries as a healing and divining tool. Salvia divinorum has long been used in ceremonial healing rituals as a means of inducing a visionary state that allows the participants to divine the cause of illness or ailment.

Experiences vary with the individual and setting as well as with dose and route of administration.

The experience of Salvia divinorum is in part influenced by the circumstances of its acquisition, as well as ones relationship to its source. These factors are important, because they influence the mental framework with which one approaches the experience.

That is, even if you have considerable experience with other psychoactive drugs, you will find that salvia is significantly different from what you may have encountered before. The lowest level visions consist mainly of closed-eye imagery somewhat similar to the hypnologic phenomena that many people experience when falling asleep.

Salvia extracts reduce the overall amount of smoke that needs to be inhaled, thus facilitating more powerful experiences.

Extracts allow one to explore deeper levels than are available using plain leaf. Extract can be quite powerful and must be used carefully. Potency will depend on the naturally varying strength of the untreated leaf used in preparing the extract, as well as the efficiency of the extraction process itself.

When taken as a tincture the effects and duration are similar to other methods of oral ingestion, though may be significantly more intense, depending on the potency of the extract.


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