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Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time. It is a normal part of our life and is probably experienced by 100% of the population at some time or another. Life is like that, there are always events which will produce anxiety or anxiousness in normal people.

The death of a loved one, a life stressor like divorce, family problems and so on. There are a myriad of situations where anxiety is a perfectly normal human reaction. However there are also situations where we would not expect the average person to experience anxiety. Or there are situations where the average person would experience some anxiety, but not to a marked or continuing degree. However there are still people who do experience anxiety in these situations.

They could experience anxiety that is far more extreme than would be expected in the average person, or for a much longer duration than would be expected, or both. Where this is the case the existence of this anxiety, particularly on an ongoing basis, can produce effects for the individual, both psychological and physical. Physical symptoms, for example, could include shortness of breath, headaches or even migraines, heart palpitations, hyperventilation and much more. Psychological effects could include inability to concentrate, loss of sleep, irritability and the loss of a sense of personal security. In these circumstances it is important to take a number of steps to relieve this. The obvious and first one is to consult a medical professional.

However there are others that are also useful to try. There are different ways that we can learn to use to cope with severe anxiety. These, if learned and practiced properly, can reduce some of the effects that anxiety can produce. Many of them are simple ways to promote proper relaxation and reduce stress.

There are many of these and a sufferer can choose amongst them to find one which fits in with their own situation, life views, time commitments and so on. For example Yoga is a very good activity that has been shown to produce higher levels of relaxation and the ability to reduce stress in ones life, both of which are useful for the sufferer of anxiety or panic attacks. Meditation, which is sometimes, but not always, a part of Yoga, is also useful. Meditation, if practiced regularly, can also produce a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

It allows the individual to focus their attention on tasks or events unrelated to the events which may be the focus of their anxiety, and this is useful. Exercise is always useful, both in general and also for sufferers of anxiety disorders. Visualisation exercises are also useful. Counselling can help, either on its own or in conjunction with some of these activities. And at the same time the counselor may well have their own suggestions for some other activities that may suit the individual well and be beneficial for alleviating the problem.

So if you think you are suffering from more anxiety in your life than you should there is much you can do. Dont ignore the problem, anxiety can become more severe is left alone. Take some steps to confront the problem, there are usually solutions.

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