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Diabetic Diet to Control Diabetic and Lose Weight

Diabetic diet is a diet that consists of some restrictions based on the dietary rules set for a diabetic. Diabetes is a medical condition where the production of insulin by pancreas is zero or the production is resisted. Insulin helps the cells to receive the glucose that's present in the blood. Most of the cells work towards converting the glucose in to energy. When there is no insulin, the glucose tends to remain in the blood stream and then builds up. The situation can be dangerous.

The glucose present in the blood is derived from the food we eat. Hence, it is necessary for the diabetic to make sure that the amounts of glucose in the blood do not rise. Diabetics need to be really careful about their diet.

In case, the person is insulin dependent, the diet taken should comprise of about 35 calories of each kg of the overall body weight. In cases where the patient has type-2 diabetic, the number of calories consumed must vary between 1300-1700 according to the frame, size, age and level of activity. The diabetic diet must include carbohydrates, fats and proteins. About one-half of the calories must be derived from complex carbohydrates. The diet should consist of whole grain breads, fruits, cereals, vegetables and low fat milk. Raw salads work really well in this type of a diet as compared to the cooked vegetables as these are digested slowly.

Most people are under a notion that if a particular food does not contain sugar, it doesn't mean that the blood sugar levels will not rise. It is important to know the amount of food taken, the type of food and the form it has been eaten. Since, all carbohydrates are ultimately converted in to glucose, its intake should be regulated. In a diabetic diet, one must take utmost care to restrict the intake of carbohydrates as much as they can. On an average, one must consume about less than 10% carbohydrates on a daily basis. Of course, direct sugar intake should be a taboo.

Once, a direct sugar substance creeps in to your blood levels, the blood sugar rises up instantly. You can have carbohydrates in many other forms such as white flour food items, baked items made of sugar and potatoes and confectionaries. One must also stay away from processed foods. These food items consist of a good amount of sugar.

One can get enough amounts of proteins from meats, poultry products, egg and nuts. Vegetables oils such as sunflower oil, avocados and rapeseed oils are good. However, one should steer clear of butter and margarine. There are several benefits of a diabetic diet. One of the main benefits of this diet is that it reduces your weight and helps in maintaining it.

It is designed in a fashion to regulate the levels of glucose in the body. A diabetic diet works towards processing the glucose in an ideal and healthy way. It also helps in maintaining healthy lipid levels and keeps your blood pressure under control. These days, there is a variety of diabetic diet available. It is very important to consult a doctor prior to setting for a particular diet schedule. This way, you will be on a diet that's ideally meant for you.

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