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Colon Cancer Early Symptoms

Colon cancer, also known as colorectal cancer or bowel cancer, is a cancer that develops in the colon or rectum. The cancer is most curable when detected before the development of the symptoms or during early symptoms. One of the important colon cancer early symptoms is rectal bleeding. But unfortunately, most people mistakenly consider the bleeding as hemorrhoids and avoid consulting a doctor. Bowel movements can result in bleeding. Even then, there may not be any major discharge of blood and bleeding will be occasional.

Dried blood in the stool indicates tumor in colon and normal blood is an indication of tumor in rectum. Blood in the stool can also be due to several other reasons. Constant loss of blood can lead to anemia. Instead of becoming a self-appointed doctor, it is better to have a proper screening done. Most of the colon cancer early symptoms may go unnoticed as they do not cause severe discomfort or might be considered as other ailments.

Narrow stools, for a prolonged period of time, are an indication of some sort of growth in the colon or rectum. The narrowing results as the waste material tries to navigate through the tumor. When there is a growth happening in the colon, it will be reflected in your bowel movement.

The cancerous growth hampers the smooth movement of the bowels. This can result in constipation. In a prolonged situation of constipation, you should consult a doctor.

Bloating and cramping resulting from constipation are the other symptoms. Another colon cancer early symptom is nausea and vomiting without any reason. In fact, obstruction caused by tumor can trigger periodic episodes of nausea and vomiting.

Flatulence and other disorders caused by gas can be due to the obstruction created by the cancerous growth. A tumor in the rectum causes a feeling of unfinished defecation. Persistent occurrence of such a feeling indicates the presence of a tumor which is mistaken by the body as stool. Apart from the symptoms related to bowel movement, yet another early symptom of colon cancer is weight loss, which is not attributed to any particular reason like diet or exercise. Such a weight loss is a clear sign that the body is undergoing some serious changes. The tumor might be hampering with the capacity of the colon to absorb moisture from food residues.

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. Most people are likely to ignore these colon cancer early symptoms as natural occurrences associated with the tough modern daily routine. Colon cancer early symptoms are likely to be ignored by most of the people. When there is a constant disturbance in bowel movement, it is wise to take the advice of a doctor. Those with family history of colon cancer and people above the age of 50 should get colon examination done periodically.

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