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The trick to burn fat quickly is to drop your calorie intake as low as possible without initiating your body's starvation response, while at the same time exercising like a maniac! Here's the system. First off you need to be happy cutting out any garbage from your diet. What is actually considered "garbage" in the diet industry may shock you. Sure, you guessed that chocolate, burgers and alcohol were out, right? But what about potatos, white rice and fruit juice? That's right folks, if you're totally focused on burning fat fast you need to buckle up and eat just good, natural foods consisting primarily of vegetables and meats.

That's your standard meal. You may add small amounts of brown rice or pasta to bulk up the meal but appreciate that if you eat too much of these stuffs, you will hamper your abilities to burn fat quickly. Fruit is another food that is allowed in small quantities but don't eat too much. The reason fruit tastes so sweet is all the sugar that is contains - which of course can lead to consuming too many calories and some of them being laid down as fat. Eat several (5-6) small meals a day, eating the largest meal first thing in the morning and slowly reducing the size of each meal so that the last meal you have in the day is tiny.

This makes sense because after a night's sleep you have eaten little goodness and have a whole day of activity infront of you. By the evening, when you have your smallest meal you will be heading for bed, so will only burn off minimal calories while asleep. Other foods you can try out are crisp breads, seafood and wholewheat breakfast cereals in moderation.

In terms of how much to eat, try to keep a food diary for the first week, totting up the fat and calories you consume. Use one fo teh many online calculators to deduce how many calories your body needs to maintain itself, then drop that figure by 20% to reach your ideal calorie intake. Compare this to what you have been eating in your diary and from that work out a diet plan. I personally aim to stick to around 400 calories per meal with as low a fat content as possible.

Next, introduce a high intensity fitness regime that focuses on high intensity interval training or HIIT. HIIT constantly challenges your body by changing the intensity of the exercise you're doing. Let me give you an example. You go our for a jog. After 1 minute, you pick up the pace. Another minute and you slow back down again.

Next maybe you go full pelt. Then maybe you run backward for a minute, sideways, arms flapping and so on. Bascially every 30-60 seconds you're changing the pace so your body can't adjust to the exercise. By doing this you'll maximise your body's fat burning ability because it can't successfully recover and as well as bruning fat while you're exercising, you should have stoked your metabolism enough that you will continue to burn fat for many hours after you complete your workout, which is such as boost to burning fat quickly you'll be astonished with the results if you stick to this plan.

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