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An Ounce of Acne Prevention is Better than a Pound of Its Treatment

Acne is a common problem to people especially to youngsters and is true as well for adults. Numerous treatment options for acute cases are recommended but it is better to see a dermatologist in your area before conducting any treatment possible. Generally, acne starts at the age of puberty and can even last longer in years. In some cases it even reaches the age of adulthood. Initially, it is important to try everyday skin care hygiene to stop the development of acne.

It is necessary to now have a talk to a dermatologist before the problem gets worse. Its far better to consult a doctor if you already notice even a little problem arising, otherwise scarring takes place. Prevention from scarring is better even if there are treatment options available.

Prior to choosing an acne treatment option, essential considerations should be followed such as the quantity of acne present, how acute is the acne, what is the cause of your acne, prevention of acne formation, scarring prevention, acne during pregnancy and breastfeeding stage. These stated cases may precisely affect your acne treatment selection. Acne treatment is categorized into three methods: over-the-counter drugs or creams, oral drugs, and hormone therapy.

We can purchase over-the-counter drugs in most drugstores and groceries even without prescriptions. A few of the over-the-counter medications are facial cleansers. The salicylic acid content of these cleansers helps to slough skin cells off and unclog the pores. People are of different sizes and of different skin types. Most of the time however, individuals having sensitive skin are much prone to acne.

This is the reason why special daily caring and cleansing is very essential. Thus, have a skin care regimen with a total understanding of the contents and functions so as not to further irritate your acne. Choosing beauty products that are specifically for acne is better since some of these products have dye contents and perfumes that could seriously aggravate blemishes. Minerals such as zinc and vitamins A, C, and E help in the improvement of the condition and over-all skin health. And so, eat foods that are rich with these vitamins and minerals to grow your skin well and promote a good health.

Sulfur rich foodstuffs like garlic and onions are known to help diminish acne blemishes. On the other hand, fried foods, sugar and those that contain high fat should be eaten with moderation. Yet total avoidance intake of sweet carbonated beverages can decrease acne blemishes. Moreover, people who suffer from acne should pay careful attention on skin care and total skin cleaning to avoid perfumed derma products. The following are a few tips on the things you should and should not do: 1.

Clean your skin carefully with warm water along with a natural mild facial cleanser. Do the cleansing twice or thrice a day since skin oils, contaminants, and dirt easily clog the pores. 2. Choosing cosmetics that are oil-free is necessary. Ordinary beauty products have large quantity of fatty acids which blocks the skin pores as well.

3. Remember to not over wash your skin which means no to excessive scrubbing since it won't eliminate your acne. 4. It is recommended to use skin toners for extra cleaning but don't overuse them. One must consider the foods they eat especially for acne patients. Careful beauty product choices must be taken into consideration as well.

These precautions are not just for acne but for any skin or health condition, knowledge plays on a significant improvement role and that an ounce of prevention is absolutely far better than a pound of treatment.

Article written by Hector Milla, editor of, a website pointing the best acne treatment exposed, thanks for publish this article in your website or ezine keeping a live link.


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